Skeptical References

The Skeptic’s Dictionary
Definitions, arguments, and essays on occult topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies.

The Fallacy Files
Logical fallacies in action.

Using mainstream methods to investigate unusual topics, and unusual methods to investigate mainstream topics.

Skeptic Eye
From the United Kingdom, An educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural.

Bad Psychics
Showing up the bad psychics and mediums of the world.

Operation Clambake
The ultimate Scientology resource.

Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions.

Penn and Teller
The official page of skepticism’s most vocal proponents (well, at least one!).

Crank Dot Net
Cranks, crackpots, kooks, and loons on the net.

The study of oddity on the web.

Scientology: Lawyers, Spies, and Lie Detectors
An expose on the “church” of Scientology.

Bare-Faced Messiah
The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard.

The Church of Critical Thinking
“Your suspicion is our mission.”

Before you check your yucca plant for tarantulas, check the urban legends reference page first.

Urban Legends and Folklore
Collection of urban legends and tips on how to spot them.

What’s the Harm?
Cataloging the damage done when critical thinking goes by the wayside.

The Museum of Hoaxes
A great archive of hoaxes over the centuries.

Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes
“Truth about computer security hysteria.”

Truth or Fiction
“Get the truth about rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, hoaxes, scams, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests, calls to action, and other forwarded emails.”

Bad Astronomy
Phil Plait’s invaluable astronomy resource.

Consumer Reports WebWatch
Look before you click.

Alien Autopsy: Faked or Fiction?
Everything and we mean everything, you need to know about the alien autopsy hoax.

The JFK Assassination Pages
Startling evidence that JFK was killed by… a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Science-Based Medicine
Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine.

Debunking 911
Evidence against the latest major conspiracy theory.

Skeptic Organizations

The James Randi Educational Foundation
An educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural.

The Science and Entertainment Exchange
A National Academy of Sciences program that provides entertainment professionals with access to top scientists and engineers to bring the reality of science to creative and engaging storylines.

The Skeptics Society
The Skeptics Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific and educational organization whose mission is to engage leading experts in investigating the paranormal, fringe science, pseudoscience, and extraordinary claims of all kinds, promote critical thinking, and serve as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint.

The Greater L.A. Skeptics Meetup Group
Had enough of astrologers, psychics, homeopaths, and bible thumpers? Yearning to talk with someone rational for awhile? Meet up with other L.A.-based skeptics for some refreshing and sane conversation and some great activities. No sacred cows here–just an ever-growing community of critical thinkers willing to raise their voices and exchange ideas.

The New England Skeptical Society
A non-profit educational organization founded in 1996 to promote science and reason.

North Texas Skeptics
Helping people make better decisions in Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding communities.

New Mexicans for Science and Reason
NMSR is a non-profit group with the goals of promoting science, the scientific method, rational thinking, and critical examination of dubious or extraordinary claims.


Oh No, Ross and Carrie!
Oh No, Ross and Carrie! is a podcast about Ross and Carrie’s travels through the world of paranormal claims, fringe science, and spirituality. “We show up, so you don’t have to.”

The official radio show and podcast of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society for the promotion of critical thinking, science, and the elimination of supernatural thinking.

Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe
Produced by the NESS in association with the JREF, SGU discusses news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view.

Point of Inquiry
The podcast of the Center for Inquiry, drawing on CFI’s relationship with the leading minds of the day including Nobel Prize-winning scientists, public intellectuals, social critics and thinkers, and renowned entertainers.

Big Picture Science
Hosted by SETI Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak, the Big Picture Science radio show and podcast engages the public with modern science research through lively and intelligent storytelling.

NPR’s Science Friday
The latest scientific developments and interviews with researchers and authors.

Additional Resources

Mark Edward’s website
Mark Edward is a prominent skeptic and professional mentalist who specializes in magic of the mind.

The Annals of Improbable Research
The home of the Ig Nobel Awards.

The Nigerian Spam Scam
Hilarious performance based on real correspondence, starring IIG member Dean Cameron and our friend Victor Isaac.

Thunderwood College
From Brian Dunning (Skeptoid Podcast) – get your degree online from a non-certified diploma mill. Anyone can do it!

Handmade Ceramic Jewelry by IIG’s own Amy Davis Roth.

Made With Molecules
Art-y, science-y jewelry and gifts.

Science Tarot
The astonishing result of mixing hard science and real art into a tarot deck!