Is it Paranormal?
August 24, 2020
One of the unusual aspects about testing people for the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group $250,000 Paranormal Challenge is having to determine whether something even qualifies as paranormal or miraculous in the first place. There are people out there with extraordinarily sensitive hearing, eyesight, and smell. There are others who can make 2500 free throws in a row. None of these abilities qualify for the prize because they do not defy any known physics -- exceptional as they are.
Tyler Henry Still Silent after $250,000 Offer from L.A. Skeptics
January 29, 2020
For Immediate Release Hollywood Medium Dodges Proof of Ability Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles-based Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) has heard nothing for months after challenging Tyler Henry, the reality star of the TV show Hollywood Medium, to demonstrate his “extraordinary” ability. The skeptic group offers $250,000 to anyone who can prove psychic ability under scientific …
10th Annual IIG Awards This Sunday
May 20, 2016
For Immediate Release The IIG has announced the finalists to be honored in their 10th Annual IIG Awards ceremony recognizing the promotion of science in popular media. These include the TV series Adam Ruins Everything (TruTV), the feature film The Martian (20th Century Fox), the podcast Oh No! R ...
Dice Test
January 14, 2015
The Independent Investigations Group recently tested a man from Texas who claimed he could use his mind to beat the "law of averages". . . would he astound the IIG or would the "law" finally catch up with him?
IIG Looks at the IAC
December 17, 2014
On November 13, 2014, a few representatives from the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) in Los Angeles visited one of the 3 U.S. locations for the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in Culver City, CA.
The Flying Reindeer Challenge
March 15, 2014
IIG member Dan Geduld gives us a rare, behind-the-scenes look into one of the world's most enduring extraordinary claims.
James Underdown at SMC
October 19, 2013
The IIG's James Underdown spoke to the skeptics club at Santa Monica College on September 19th. To the presentation, Underdown came prepared like a devoted crusader with tools to demonstrate how the human eye can be easily fooled.
Our Friday the 13th Superstition Bash
September 25, 2013
In case you missed it, here's a great write-up from our friends at Park La Brea News Beverly Press: Members and supporters of the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles on Friday the 13th tested their (bad) luck by walking under ladders, hanging out with black cats and, of course, smashing mirrors. ...
2013 IIG Award Honorees Announced
July 19, 2013
For Immediate Release Eugenie Scott, The Onion, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to be honored by Hollywood Skeptics at Annual Awards Ceremony on July 29th. Hollywood, CA. The Independent Investigations Group (IIG), the international skeptical research and science advocacy orga ...
Remote viewing case
July 1, 2013
IIG NW is currently working with a remote viewing claimant. More information will be published here as soon as we are able to do so.
Investigators To Test Dowser In Hollywood, CA
March 15, 2012
For Immediate Release $50,000 Award on the Line Hollywood, CA:The world's largest paranormal investigations team, the Independent Investigations Group (IIG), has for over 12 years examined claims concerning psychics, dowsers, wacky medical claims, telepaths, UFOs, and ghost stories. The gro ..
Psychic “Eyes” $50,000 Prize!
October 25, 2009
For Immediate Release Hollywood skeptics to determine if applicant can “see” inside the human body Hollywood, CA, October 25, 2009 – The Independent Investigations Group – L.A.’s premiere skeptical organization – has been challenging would be psychics by offering them $50,000 cash if they can prove their abilities. Now, Anita Ikonen – a 26 year …
Hollywood Investigation Group to Present Annual Awards
August 9, 2007
For Immediate Release Hollywood, CA.The Independent Investigations Group (IIG) at the Center for Inquiry–Los Angeles has announced their annual awards recognizing the advancement of science in movies and television. The IIG is the oldest and largest investigative group, and premier skeptical organization, in Los Angeles. The IIG awards program recognizes movies, television shows, and people …
UFO Believer Fails Challenge To Prove His Claim!
March 3, 2004
For Immediate Release Proponent Unwilling to Provide Evidence to Back His Claim Los Angeles, CA: For the past three years, Michael Horn, the self-described Authorized American Media Representative for The Billy Meier Contacts, has been claiming that the Center for Inquiry-West (CFI-West) has failed to prove that the Billy Meier photographs are a hoax and …
Skeptic Group Refutes Famous UFO Claim Fakes Indistinguishable from “Real” UFOs
February 13, 2004
For Immediate Release Los Angeles, CA: Recently, an article appeared in the Sun tabloid and on a UFO website ( claiming that the Center for Inquiry-West and the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) have by default proven that Billy Meier’s UFO photos are real. This is false for at least two reasons: First, our delay in …