James Van Praagh

In our most clandestine operation to date, we attended a taping of James Van Praagh’s syndicated series “Beyond,” in order to document the difference between what actually occurred at the taping and how it appeared on TV after editing.

As we suspected, there were many significant differences. Our favorite Van Praagh moment:


“You almost died, honey, because I’m being told by your husband that you were spared, you were saved, OK? You were saved. All right? And I know… something about Jesus here, OK? Saved with Jesus. . . or something about Jesus, and if you believe in Jesus, or a religious element, and I don’t know, maybe a church with the name ‘Jesus’ in it? Or there is something about Jesus. Or there’s. . .”

To Van Praagh’s embarrassment, the lady then revealed that she was Jewish. We watched the edited episode, and sure enough, this entire exchange was omitted. We concluded that Van Praagh’s power emanates from editing room.

CFI-West Executive Director Jim Underdown published an article about our investigation in the September/October issue of Skeptical Inquirer , AND this article was referenced in a recent column of Cecil Adams’ The Straight Dope –the true hallmark of cultural legitimacy!

Our investigation was also featured in Jim Underdown’s appearance in the first episode of “Penn & Teller: Bullshit,” “Talking to the Dead,” on Showtime.