Dice Man
October 20, 2020
Tolu F. applied for the CFIIG $250,000 Paranormal Challenge on 8/16/20 and was assigned to Stan on 9/14. An introductory email went out to Tolu on that same day. Tolu claimed he was a telepath and could project any image into anyone’s head. After much back and forth, a protocol was developed for the preliminary …
Top Physics
September 15, 2020
At this point we started to consider other possibilities why the top behaved as it did. If he was willing to part with the wooden legs of the table – the last place where we felt he could be hiding some sort of mechanism - we had run out of ideas. We could see through the glass top and spinning top, and so were reasonably sure there was no device buried in them. So what was causing the top to behave as it did?
Lightning Man
June 25, 2020
In what might be a first, skeptics tested a prize-seeking paranormal claimant during a pandemic.  On Saturday June 20th, 2020 the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group tested an applicant for our $250,000 Paranormal Challenge. Representing the CFIIG in the CFI West parking lot were Jim U., Jim N., Spencer M., Paula L., Mike S., Michael …
Dead or Alive?
June 24, 2020
By Lou Hillman and Stan West The Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) offers $250,000 to anyone who believes he or she has a paranormal power that can be demonstrated under controlled conditions. Mirko Janchevski, from Macedonia, applied for our challenge in October of 2018, claiming to be able to tell if someone is alive …
Salton Sea Earth Curvature Test
June 7, 2018
Greetings! The Independent Investigations Group is seeking Flat Earth proponents to participate in a test of the Earth's surface to be held at the Salton Sea. National Geographic will be on hand to film the proceedings, and noted Flat Earth YouTuber Mark Sargent will be participating in the ..
Light Bulb Luminosity Demonstration
March 20, 2018
On September 23, 2017, the IIG Los Angeles tested an applicant’s claim that he could alter the brightness of a light bulb using only psychic ability. A special thanks to Mike Skor who lent advice on light meters and testing methodology. The Venue Photography lab dark room in the Oklahoma City area. The Applicant The …
Telekinetic: Sam Chacon
September 21, 2014
In the summer of 2014, Sam Chacon applied to have his claimed telekinetic abilities tested by the IIG. Chacon, a gentleman in his 80's, claimed he could move a floating toothpick in a bowl of water using "emanations" from his hands. This is typical of telekinesis claims, in that t ...
Robert Mooreland
June 1, 2012
Robert Mooreland, tested in June of 2012, claimed he could identify photographs without the use of sight. Date of demonstration: June 10, 2012 Lead Investigator: Wendy Hughes Co-lead investigator: Paula Lauterbach Article Wendy Hughes and Paula Lauterbach Photography Courtesy Paula Lauterbach, B ...
Lewis Rees
February 1, 2012
Lewis Rees visits the IIG in Hollywood in the attempt to showcase his dowsing abilities. Date of demonstration:March 17, 2012Lead Investigator:Spencer MarksArticle:Spencer MarksPhotography:Courtesy Brian Hart and Mark Johnson Source of Contact On January 23rd, 2012, the Independent Investigation ...
Nick Nelson
November 1, 2011
Nick Nelson, tested by the IIG in April of 2011, claimed that he could create "vortexes" around himself that changed the size he appeared in photographs. Date of demonstration:April 30, 2011Lead Investigator:Mark Edward and Steve MuscarellaArticleMark Edward and Dave RichardsPhotograph ..
Phillip Lee
February 1, 2011
In August of 2011 the IIG tested Philip Lee's claim that he could hear people speaking from great distances and through soundproof barriers; he believed himself to be the most powerful clairaudient in the world. Date of demonstration:August 21, 2011
Power Balance Experiment
November 1, 2010
On October 21, 2010, the IIG Los Angeles conducted a test of the "Power Balance" bracelets in conjunction with Yahoo! News. The Power Balance products are said to allow athletes to perform at their best, maximizing strength, balance, and flexibility . The active component giving the bracelet this ability is a hologram embedded in the plastic wristband.
Regen Traynor
August 26, 2010
Preliminary Demonstration - Regen Traynor failed the Preliminary Demonstration.
Anita Ikonen
November 30, 2009
On July 16th, 2007, a Swedish national who, as of 2010, is a science undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, contacted the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) to inquire about our $50,000 Challenge. Anita claimed that she could look into the human body and diagnose many different types of physical or medical anomalies. She claimed many other paranormal powers including:
California Board of Registered Nursing Investigation
November 1, 2009
The Independent Investigations Group investigates pseudoscience; particularly therapeutic touch in professional nursing. Just how well regulated is nursing in California? Presentation Video Presentation of CBRN Investigation by Brian Hart at the 2010 TAM8 Conference in Las Vegas Part 1
Steven Greer Speaks at MUFON
November 10, 2007
The event was held at the Costa Mesa Community Center. Here's the link to the program announcement: This report is from memory, reinforced by later visiting some of the websites listed here. I didn't take notes, so the facts, figures and quotes may not be exact.
Aulterra Neutralizer
November 18, 2006
The Aulterra Company sells a product called a "Neutralizer" which they claim protects the user from cancer-causing radio waves emitted by cellular phones and other appliances.
Carla Baron, “Psychic Detective”
August 23, 2006
The Independent Investigations Group has been examining the public claims of Carla Baron – a self-proclaimed "psychic detective" who has solved fifty cases in the past twenty years, or has solved no cases in the past three years, depending on whether you believe her or us.
Gravity Hill
January 7, 2006
In the fall of 2005 it was suggested the IIG investigate a "mystery spot" just to the North of Los Angeles nicknamed "Gravity Hill" by the local residents. This spot was described as a place on a road where vehicles roll uphill. It was felt this would be a fun outing and a wa ...
See Clearly Method
October 1, 2005
In the Summer of 2004 the IIG launched an investigation into the so-called "See Clearly Method" for vision improvement. This was a product being heavily advertised on radio and television, with celebrity spokesperson Mariette Hartley . One of our members called the toll-free number and
The Fullerton Phantom
September 10, 2005
In January of this year, a family in the city of Fullerton, California contacted the IIG regarding strange occurrences in their home. An IIG delegation visited the home in April to investigate the report. The family consists of a husband and wife, their 11-year old son, two daughters under the a
Alien Skull Investigation
February 12, 2004
The IIG was contacted on December 15, 2003, by a gentleman claiming that he believed that he was in possession of an "alien skull." He subsequently submitted numerous photographs of the object, which on first glance looked like a rock that resembled a face, the "features" of
April 6, 2003
Marla Brucker, Ph.D., RHA, makes good money teaching spoonbending at Los Angeles’s notorious Learning Annex. She claims she can teach you to use psychokinesis (telekinesis’s kid sister) to bend a spoon using the power of your mind. We attended one of her classes, where she did indeed teach people to bend spoons – by holding …
The Oklahoma Ghost
January 2, 2003
The night watchman at an auto graveyard in Oklahoma saw something strange on the security camera. He rewound the tape, and saw what looked like a glowing humanoid figure hovering over the cars! The IIG has obtained the tape, and we suspect it is either a bug flying very close to the lens (thus appearing …
James Van Praagh
January 1, 2003
In our most clandestine operation to date, we attended a taping of James Van Praagh’s syndicated series “Beyond,” in order to document the difference between what actually occurred at the taping and how it appeared on TV after editing. As we suspected, there were many significant differences. Our favorite Van Praagh moment:   “You almost …
The Hollywood Haunted House
January 1, 2002
“David” and “Eileen” believed that their house in the Hollywood Hills was home to ghosts. They both provided vivid descriptions of their sightings, including an animal hovering by their bed, and other ghastly presences. We visited their home where the experiences took place, and interviewed them separately. We discovered their descriptions of their shared “sightings” …
Aura Reading
August 1, 2001
Pamala Oslie claims that she can read the invisible “color-energy field” surrounding humans, and tell us about their personalities, their health, relationships, career aspirations, etc. We presented Ms. Oslie with 19 individuals who had filled out questionnaires addressing these topics for us in advance. Then, Ms. Oslie attempted to discover those details via reading the …
Telekinetic Box
September 1, 2000
Mark Joramo’s Telekinetic Box Mark Joramo had constructed an ingenious device–a cardboard box containing a suspended foil-wrapped index card under a small fan. Mark claimed he could flip the card using telekinesis–the ability to move physical objects with the power of the mind. In our controlled tests, we determined the foil card flipped about 50% …
Sparky the Wonder Dog
July 1, 2000
Gordie Rosenberg’s dog Sparky was our first non-human applicant. Rosenberg claimed that Sparky could bark a number between one and six by reading the chosen number from Gordie’s mind. We suspected that Rosenberg was sending unconscious non-verbal cues (body language) to Sparky, and when we conducted our test with Rosenberg out of Sparky’s sight, Sparky’s …
Dowsing for Truth
May 1, 2000
Frank Mashenko came to us claiming to be able to dowse for hidden metal using two thin wires, not unlike coat hangers. As agreed in advance, we placed copper wire in one of several rolled-up newspapers (the others had nothing in them), and asked Frank to find the newspaper with the wire in it. Frank …