In the Media

Indie Bohemians’ Podcast
July 7, 2016
CFI: Dissecting the Paranormal, Pursuing Reason Ron Placone and James Underdown discuss the concept of pseudoscience, the strong-hold of religion and tradition, the definition of atheism, Scientology, Roswell, Mediums and so so much more.
Dan Schneider: The Unexplained
April 23, 2016
Dan Schneider Video Interview #85: The Unexplained Host Dan Schneider interviews Matthew Lowry, the Skeptical Teacher, and IIG Chair James Underdown.
JU on The Sharin’ Hour
March 10, 2016
IIG Chair Jim Underdown chats with Laguna Beach radio host Sheran James about wild claims and how skeptics in the IIG go about testing them. The Sharin' Hour 3/6/16: THE INQUIRING MIND ($100,000 reward)
JU on the MOMO Show
February 12, 2015
IIG founder and CFI-LA executive director Jim Underdown joins comedic actresses Mo Gaffney and Morgan Walsh on The MoMo Show, a weekly podcast hosted by the two performers. This week they talk about God, ghosts, and crushing the hopes and dreams of believers.
Our Friday the 13th Bash on KABC
October 21, 2013
Courtesy KABC-TV Los Angeles
Robbie Thomas and “Psychic Justice”
June 10, 2013
IIG Investigator Jarrett Kaufman reports on The BadCast about the self-proclaimed psychic Robbie Thomas. Listen to episode 14 here.
IIG on KCET’s Life and Times
December 19, 2007
On December 11th, Val Zavala of KCET'sLife and Times filmed a story about the IIG and its parent organization, the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles . Coming to the end of its 16 year run,Life and Timeshas chronicled local stories and current events in Southern California. CFI and IIG were hon ...
Bad Psychics Interviews IIG
December 17, 2004
Bad Psychics asks about the history of IIG, our investigation of Carla Baron, and plays a word association test.
Psychic Mutt Discovered!
January 25, 2001
But can Sparky really read minds? With a $1 million prize at stake, professional skeptics at L.A.'s Center for Inquiry -- West are about to put the "wonder dog" to the test. Originally published by New Times Los Angeles January 25, 2001 ©2001 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved. F ...