Salton Sea Earth Curvature Test

Greetings! The Independent Investigations Group is seeking Flat Earth proponents to participate in a test of the Earth’s surface to be held at the Salton Sea. National Geographic will be on hand to film the proceedings, and noted Flat Earth YouTuber Mark Sargent will be participating in the protocol. More details are below. If you are interested in helping, please email or call [number removed post-test].

June 10, 2018 at 5:30 AM
Where: The Salton Sea, at two locations: Desert Shores (balloon team) and Salton Sea Rec Area (boat team)

Basic Protocol

We will be conducting two tests of the Earth’s surface using optical measurements. To accomplish this, we will have two teams stationed 9.61 miles apart from each other on the Salton Sea. This body of water has been chosen because it is landlocked and noted for its lack of tides. One common refrain is that water cannot hold a curve, so our first test will determine whether a target on one shore is visible from the other, as one would expect on a flat Earth. At the same time, we will have a boat with a large visible target sail three miles out from the Recreational Area (east shore), and we will observe any changes in its visibility as it recedes from the viewers. The test is being held early in the morning to minimize the effects of heated air on visibility.

Locations (click to enlarge)

TargetsBoth locations with distance mapped
9.61 miles across
State Park Side
State Park side (observation and boat launch)
Park at 100 State Park Rd, Mecca, A 92254
Desert Shore Side
Desert Shore side (balloon)
Head toward 798 Capri Rd, Thermal, CA 92274

Additional details

By participating, you agree to appear on camera and in subsequent reporting on this test.

You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging. Members of the IIG will be arriving on June 9th and staying overnight in Indio.

Communication during the test will be conducted via cell phone.

The visual target will be constructed on the Desert Shore side. It will consist of plastic trash bags filled with helium inside netting and painted brightly for maximum visibility. The total target should be roughly 25’x25′ in size. We will have tape measures affixed to calculate the height of the target.

On the State Park (observation) side, we will have a variety of equipment set at 4 feet height to observe the opposite shore for the target, and to keep an eye on the boat as it moves across the water. This includes a telescope, a high-magnification lens on a digital SLR, and a Nikon P900 camera, which is often held by Flat Earth proponents as being able to recover visibility of objects considered to be “over the horizon”.

According to an Earth curvature calculator, from a viewing point of 4 feet above the waterline on one shore, an object 34.2 feet tall will be obscured on the far side of the lake. Even if atmospheric conditions adjust these numbers slightly one way or the other, we should see clearly which prediction proves more accurate.

The balloon test will begin at 6 am, and the boat test is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am.

Please let us know in advance if you plan on participating, so we can expect you. Ideally, we would like to have at least one Flat Earth proponent at each station to keep an eye on the protocol and help make sure it is being followed faithfully. You can reach me at or by phone at [number removed post-test].

Afterwards, we’ll all head out to socialize and get some lunch!