The ‘Iggie’ Trophy

Recognizes a significant contribution for a specific project (movie, TV episode, article, book, etc.) related to the scope of the awards over the preceding 12 months (roughly). It’s usually given to the people responsible for producing the item (producer, director, writers, and so on).

Past Winners

Tim Minchin International live performer
“Big Bang Theory” (CBS)
“Through the Wormhole” (Science Channel)
“South Park” (Comedy Central) Informational website

Dr. Dean Edell (for his many contributions in radio, TV, and publishing)
Phil Plait’s “Bad Universe” (Discovery Channel)
Phil Plait accepted via prerecorded video

“Eureka” (SyFy/NBC Universal)
“Mentalist” (CBS)

“Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil” (Comedy Central) episode: Disney vs. Scientology
“Religulous” (Lion’s Gate)

“In the Shadow of the Moon” (Discovery Films)
Accepting for “Shadow of the Moon”: Duncan Copp, Producer
“Phenomenon” (NBC, Granada Entertainment)
Accepting for “Phenomenon”: Dwight Smith and Michael Agbabian, Producers

TV series “Psych”, Episode: Pilot. (USA Network)
Accepting for Psych: Daniel Hsia, staff writer
TV Series “The Simpsons”, Episode: “The Monkey Suit” (Fox Network)
Accepting for the Simpsons: J. Stewart Burns, writer