The Houdini Hall of Honor

There is another, special category of award, which is the induction of an individual into the CFIIG “Houdini Hall of Honor,” named after Harry Houdini, the role model for the CFIIG and all other investigators of the supernatural, and the first inductee. Houdini was really a major force attempting to educate the public about phony psychic mediums through his entertainment, completing the prerequisite for inclusion in these awards. Inductees are listed on a perpetual plaque which is displayed on the wall at the headquarters of CFI Los Angeles. The other inaugural member, along with Houdini, is Carl Sagan. The inscription on the plaque reads as follows: “For their commitment to educating the public in skeptical thinking through entertainment, these individuals are inducted into the CFIIG Hall of Honor”

Past Winners

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Isaac Asimov and Ray Hyman

Martin Gardner

Joe Nickell

James “Amazing” Randi

Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss) for 2006