8th Annual IIG Awards

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The eighth annual IIG awards brought with it a new category – “Classic” – for those great TV shows of the past that never made it to the Iggies. Also, a major television show sent one of its stars to accept an award, and Ron Lynch accepted a TTTV award on behalf of the actual culprit for the third time.

Mainstream Entertainment

  • Backstage, before the show

    Backstage, before the show

  • Fred Stoller

    Fred Stoller

  • Jim O'Heir

    Jim O’Heir

NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” received an Iggie for an episode dealing with that great skeptical bête noire – water fluoridation fears. Actor and writer Fred Stoller presented the award to Jim O’Heir who plays Jerry and/or Larry on the series. O’Heir was tickled pink announcing that, after winning a Golden Globe, and a Critics Choice Award, the presence of the Iggie completes their collection.

Also getting an Iggie was Fox’s new “Cosmos” series, with Houdini Hall of Honor inductee Neil deGrasse Tyson in the hosting role. Fred Stoller came back to present the award to. . . well no one. However, producer Ann Druyan sent us a lovely letter:

I’m honored that the IIG and CFI – Los Angeles, an organization I respect and have a lot of affection for, is giving Cosmos an Iggie. (Ironically, when the Emmy’s were given for 1980, the original Cosmos lost to Steve Allen’s show talk show, Meeting of Minds.)

Don’t know what material form an Iggie actually takes, but I look forward to receiving it.

With warmest regards to all present and all who support the IIG and CFI,


  • Cosmos wins the Iggie

    Cosmos wins the Iggie

  • Mark Silverman

    Mark Silverman

  • Steven Hill

    Steven Hill

  • An Honest Liar

    An Honest Liar


Another feature film won an Iggie this year, with Discovery Films documentary about James “The Amazing” Randi. The film titled “An Honest Liar” received an award presented by comedian Steven Hill, and director Tyler Measom communicated with the audience via Skype to accept the award and talk about working with the rambunctious Randi.

Truly Terrible Television

The first TTTV went to “Hangar 1: UFO Files” a tedious UFO conspiracy theory show that recycled tired, discredited, and embarrassing claims. No one accepted the award because, according the presenter Jim Underdown, the producers were all at AA.

The preposterous “Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” grabbed the other TTTV this year, for not just bad science, but for bad television. The show follows various idiots running around the woods at night, looking for the objectively non-existent anthropoid. Jim Underdown presented the award to real-life bigfoot hunter Bobo Moneymaker (actually Ron Lynch in costume). “Moneymaker” mocked our skeptical worldview, and, as the real Moneymaker had claimed on TV, insisted that he could track a bigfoot by investigating feces. IIG member John Rael met his challenge, and produced a platter of various mammal scat, and the most disgusting sketch in the history of the IIG Awards happened.

  • Bigfoot Bounty

    Bigfoot Bounty

  • Jann Karam

    Jann Karam

  • Another successful show

    Another successful show


For the first time, the IIG went back in history to honor a great skeptical show for kids – “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!” – the original “Scooby Doo” series which always ended with supernatural scares being the product of an elaborate criminal hoax. Comedienne and actress Jann Karam presented the Iggie to the series co-creators Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. Ruby accepted the award via telephone, and Karam lead the audience in a chorus of the classic Scooby Doo Theme song for his benefit, but that ended quickly as we only knew the first few lines.

The show ended with a reception in the Steve Allen Theater lobby, and guests chatting, eating, and dreaming of 2015’s ceremony.