6th Annual IIG Awards

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The sixth annual IIG Awards brought musician Gary Stockdale, a new category – best web site – and also saw the return of Frank Conniff to present the TTTV. We’d post some video, but the master tape was destroyed. Eyewitnesses describe a man resembling Uri Geller fleeing from the editing bay. Okay, that second sentence is fake, but the first one isn’t. Special thanks to Emery Emery’s “Skeptically Yours” podcast co-host Heather Henderson who got the acceptance speeches from Tyson and Minchin, and kept a back up.

  • The audience awaits. . .

    The audience awaits. . .

  • The talent backstage. . .

    The talent backstage. . .

  • Jim Underdown

    Jim Underdown

  • Gary Stockdale

    Gary Stockdale

Truly Terrible Television

Frank Conniff presented the award to the “History” Channel’s (scare quotes from us) “Ancient Aliens” – which recycled discredited claims of extra-terrestrial visitation. The producer of the series, well-known UFOlogist and hairstyle maven (do a Google image search) Giorgio Tsoukalos, was on hand to accept the “award.” It was, of course, Ron Lynch as Tsoukalos, who, while pretending to be a dumbfounded idiot, was actually more coherent than the real-life Tsoukalos.

  • "Giorgio Tsoukalos"

    “Giorgio Tsoukalos”

  • Matt Kirshen

    Matt Kirshen

  • Tim Minchon's Iggie

    Tim Minchon’s Iggie

Special Award

Singer/songwriter Tim Minchin received an Iggie for singing about science and reason in his many songs. Comedian Matt Kirshen was on hand to present the award to Minchin who accepted via video.

Mainstream Entertainment

CBS’s show about, literally, rocket scientists – “The Big Bang Theory” – received an Iggie, and podcaster Emery Emery presented the award to Jim Turner who is described as the “golf buddy” of producer Bill Prady.

  • Emery Emery

    Emery Emery

  • Jim Turner

    Jim Turner

  • Kelly Carlin

    Kelly Carlin

  • Kurt Sayenga

    Kurt Sayenga


The Science Channel snagged Morgan Freeman to answer life’s great mysteries in their series “Through the Wormhole,” and they snagged themselves an Iggie. The series explains some very complex issues of the day in simple language. The lovely and talented Kelly Carlin presented the award to producer Kurt Sayenga.

Website has been setting the record straight for years, and become the gold standard for on-line answers about urban legends, ridiculous rumors, malevolent hoaxes, and those few strange stories that turn out to be true.

Houdini Hall of Honor

The crowd was palpably excited to see astrophysicist and science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson inducted into the HHH. Dr. Tyson appeared via video to accept the award, and mention that we live in a world where a Google search on “Big Bang” brings up the TV series first, and the actual beginning of the universe second.

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson via video

    Neil deGrasse Tyson via video

  • NDT&s Iggie

    NDT&s Iggie

  • Susan Gerbic & Wendy Hughes

    Susan Gerbic & Wendy Hughes

As per usual, the crowd lingered until midnight, enjoying the remaining food, and helping Ron Lynch get his hair back to normal.