4th Annual IIG Awards

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The fourth annual IIG Awards coincided with the tenth anniversary of the IIG, thus leading to a confusingly titled event. This year, we packed the house with some of the great skeptics, skipped the Truly Terrible Television award, and made it a more high brow event.

Mainstream Entertainment

Two television shows got Iggies this year the first was the Sci Fi Channel’s “Eureka” – the story of a town populated by frontier scientists. “Eureka” producer Ed Fowler accepted the award — the first hand-crafted ceramic Iggie to be presented.

  • <em>Eureka</em> producer Ed Fowler

    Eureka producer Ed Fowler

  • <em>Mentalist</em> producer Jimm Gadd

    Mentalist producer Jimm Gadd

  • Martin Gardner receives the HHH

    Martin Gardner receives the HHH

CBS’s “The Mentalist” was next to get an Iggie. The series features a man who uses cold-reading skills to solve crimes. “Mentalist” producer Jimm Gadd accepted the award.

Houdini Hall of Honor

This year, science educator and puzzle designer Martin Gardner was inducted into the HHH for his work as a skeptic and founding member of CSICOP (now CSI).

Event Photos

  • We packed the house!

    We packed the house!

  • IIG Member Wendy Hughes

    IIG Member Wendy Hughes

  • IIG Member Dave Richards

    IIG Member Dave Richards

  • IIG Member Ross Blocher

    IIG Member Ross Blocher

  • <em>Skeptoid</em>'s Brian Dunning

    Skeptoid‘s Brian Dunning

  • <em>Mr. Diety</em>, Brian Keith Dalton

    Mr. Diety, Brian Keith Dalton

  • The SkepDoc, Harriet Hall

    The SkepDoc, Harriet Hall

  • Carol Tavris

    Carol Tavris

  • Michael Shermer

    Michael Shermer

  • Eugenie Scott

    Eugenie Scott

  • The founding members of the IIG.

    Founding members

  • Wendy welcomes Carol Tavris to the Steve Allen Theater.

    Wendy Hughes & Carol Tavris

  • Surly" Amy Davis Roth

    Surly Amy

  • Mark Edward performs

    Mark Edward performs

  • Michael Shermer and Mark Edward

    Michael Shermer and Mark Edward

  • The Brians of Skepticism

    The Brians of Skepticism