1st Annual IIG Awards

1st Annual IIG Awards

The first annual IIG Awards took place on August 20th, 2007. We honored two TV shows, and were excited that representatives from the shows actually showed up to receive them in person.

Mainstream Entertainment

The first IIG award went to the episode of Fox’s “The Simpsons’ titled “Monkey Suit” which dealt with creationism in a funny and enlightening manner. The writer of that episode, J. Stewart Burns, accepted the IGGIE live.

A second award went to USA’s “Psych” for the pilot episode, which introduced to a fake psychic who solved crimes for the police. The police do not believe that any one could possess such uncanny deductive powers by normal means, and he has to pretend to be psychic to be avoid being incarcerated as an accessory. The episode showed us the basics of cold reading and manipulation in a unique way. Staff writer Dan Hsia arrived to accept the award in person.

Truly Terrible Television

Our inaugural presentation of the “award” for bad science did not have the same rate of success for getting recipients to show up in person. The “winners” were CourtTV’s “Psychic Detectives” and the syndicated “Montel Williams Show” for episodes with Sylvia Browne. The certificates await receipt at CFI-LA.

The awards were presented by IIG member Owen Hammer, who did such a good job that he never returned.

Houdini Hall of Honor

IIG Awards mastermind David Richards announced the induction of the first two members of the HHH. Lifetime achievement awards went posthumously to Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss) and Carl Sagan. Houdini was the great-grandfather of skeptical investigation, creating many of the techniques we use today to bust mediums in the early twentieth century. Sagan was the leading science educator of his lifetime, writing numerous popular books on science, and creating the original TV series “Cosmos” – the gold standard for science television.