Paul Provenza, James Randi and James Underdown
Paul Provenza, James Randi and James Underdown

Being located in Hollywood, the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) was looking for a way to connect to our show business neighbors, and we decided to present an annual award for the promotion of science and reason in the popular arts. We decided to call it the “IIG Awards” until we came up with a “real” name for it.

Now, the annual presentation of the “Iggies” has become a big event, and a major intersection of science and entertainment. Featuring celebrities and science luminaries, solemn induction ceremonies and off-the-wall sketches, honoring of reason and mockery of pseudo-sceince, the IIG Awards is a unique experience.

The Iggies

The main categories for the award are the “Mainstream” award for scripted television series, and other popular media; “Documentary/Educational” for those informative movies and shows that we deem to be exceptional; “Website” awards for on-line promoters of reason; “Classic” award for older shows and movies that never got their due; and various “Special” awards for outstanding work that doesn’t fit into any categories. Additionally, the “Truly Terrible Television” Award (TTTV) and its cousin the “Mostly Miserable Movie” Award (MMM) are presented to those productions that break new ground in promoting gullibility and insulting the intelligence of the audience.

Houdini Hall of Honor

Additionally, we close the Awards with an inductee into the “Houdini Hall of Honor,” named after Harry Houdini, the role model for the IIG and all other investigators of the supernatural, and the first inductee. Houdini was really a major force attempting to educate the public about phony psychic mediums through his entertainment, completing the prerequisite for inclusion in these awards. Inductees are listed on a perpetual plaque which is displayed on the wall at the headquarters of the IIG in Los Angeles.

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Can I Attend the IIG Awards?
Yes! The event is open to the public. Watch this page for dates and other information.