The $250k Challenge

Can you demonstrate paranormal ability?
Are you interested in earning $250,000 dollars?

The Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) at the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles offers a $250,000 prize to anyone who can show, under scientific testing conditions, significant evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power. The CFIIG works with the applicant in designing the test protocol and defining the conditions under which a test will take place. CFIIG representatives will then administer the actual test. In most cases, the applicant will be asked to perform an informal demonstration of the claimed ability or phenomenon, which if successful will be followed by the formal test. The CFIIG conducts demonstrations and tests at CFI West in Los Angeles, California, in the San Francisco Bay area, or in special circumstances at one of our affiliates around the world.


For more information on the CFIIG $250,000 Challenge please see the Terms and Conditions

$250,000 for you and $5,000 more for the person who finds you!

If you pass the CFIIG Challenge, we’ll pay you $250,000, and pay $5,000 to the person who refers a claimant who wins the Challenge. Spread the word – even those without special powers can be $5,000 richer.

Note: The $5,000 referral award is only paid when the referred claimant wins the CFIIG Challenge.

A Note to All Applicants…

Please Read before applying…

 First, if your telepathic claim involves you hearing voices that those around you don’t hear, reading other people’s thoughts, or believing others can hear your thoughts, please consider the following:

What you are experiencing is consistent with recognized illnesses of the mind that are known to cause symptoms like what you are experiencing. Conditions like schizophrenia and other disorders are not paranormal ability, they are chemical imbalances in the brain, and there may be treatment available to help you.

We do not diagnose applicants, but we do recognize the existence of these disorders and many of their symptoms. We think you would be wise to eliminate the medical explanation of your “powers” before you come to us for a test. If you insist on being tested despite the real possibility that there is a reasonable medical explanation for what you experience, we will still test you. But remember, you must find your own partner whose thoughts you can hear or who can hear your thoughts. We will not participate in the test with you.

Second, you must be able to perform your ability within a reasonable time frame in front of the CFIIG. If your ability is intermittent or you cannot predict when it will be present, you probably won’t be able to be tested. We simply cannot follow you around indefinitely waiting for your talent to arise.

If your ability cannot be tested online, you will have to get yourself to the CFIIG in Los Angeles, the CFIIG in the San Francisco Bay area, or to one of our pre-approved field investigators. You must cover all your costs in getting to and from the Preliminary Demonstration and the Final Test.

Last, we will work with you to create an objective test protocol that is fair to you and to the CFIIG. Use the online application to describe in detail what it is that you can do, and we’ll guide you through the process to an impartial test of your abilities.

Read the Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.