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Top Physics
September 15, 2020
At this point we started to consider other possibilities why the top behaved as it did. If he was willing to part with the wooden legs of the table – the last place where we felt he could be hiding some sort of mechanism – we had run out of ideas. We could see through the glass top and spinning top, and so were reasonably sure there was no device buried in them. So what was causing the top to behave as it did?
Lightning Man
June 25, 2020
In what might be a first, skeptics tested a prize-seeking paranormal claimant during a pandemic.  On Saturday June 20th, 2020 the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group tested an applicant for our $250,000 Paranormal Challenge. Representing the CFIIG in the CFI West parking lot were Jim U., Jim N., Spencer M., Paula L., Mike S., Michael …
Dead or Alive?
June 24, 2020
By Lou Hillman and Stan West The Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG) offers $250,000 to anyone who believes he or she has a paranormal power that can be demonstrated under controlled conditions. Mirko Janchevski, from Macedonia, applied for our challenge in October of 2018, claiming to be able to tell if someone is alive …